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Organic Infographic: The Difference Organic Fashion Makes

Opificio: Vegan Kicks handmade in Milano

Soko: A Global Fashion Innovator Supporting Artisans

Our Charity: Water Well Update

A day after we celebrated World Water Day we are excited to have an update on the progress of our well. Charity: Water has announced that the $6100 that, you, our customers have helped us raise will go to a village in Mali, West Africa.

Celebrate World Water Day

The Many Famous Faces of the Sustainable Fashion Movement

These are just a few of the leaders pushing the sustainable fashion movement forward! Let's continue to come together to demand a cleaner, safer, healthier fashion industry. #Wearwhatmatters

Preserving the Environment is Fashionable

Modavanti badge infographic: What it means to be eco-friendly fashion