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The Vegetarian Thanksgiving Guide

Thanksgiving is so much more than turkey, it's about sharing a meal with the ones you love. This year we've got you covered with tips and recipes that will ensure you're not stuck eating just side dishes. 

To Wash or Not to Wash?

The big question lately has been whether it is a good idea to wash your jeans or not.  From this questions a lot of creative ideas have came about as to how you can "wash" your jeans without actually washing them.  Whether that was to put them in the freezer, walk through the ocean, Febreze them, or hang them outside on a breezy day there is no shortage of ideas on how to clean your jeans. 

What is Your Next Lip Color?

 As winter is upon us, jackets are getting longer and longer and our carefully chosen outfits seem to be more and more covered up.  There are only so many ways to add pops of color to the outerwear jackets we now call an outfit.  Among the ways to add color, our favorite is lip color.  Adding a bold or soft lip color can dramatically change the outfits appearance but more importantly change the way you feel that day.  It can change the amount of confidence you bring with you into a meeting, the way you hold your head all day long, ultimately changing who knows how many different outcomes for better or worse.  Now if you knew all along that your lip color had this much power, wouldn't you choose a little more carefully?


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4 Face Masks to get you through any week

We all know that any week can be stressful.  Whether you love your job or you cannot wait to find a new one, every day can be filled with little challenges no one expected to be up against.  What is the answer to the every day #struggles of life we go through? Setting aside a little "me" time for yourself.  What better way to do that than to have a fun night in, with the girls, or alone with a nice glass of wine, a fire, and a face mask to take your worries away.  

10 Minute Recipes for every Woman

Cooking dinner during the week is usually the last thing on anyone's mind who have just worked a full day. Sweating away over the hot stove is not anyones idea of a way to relax. Let alone who knows how that new recipe you're trying is going to turn out.  If you have been agreeing with us as I've been describing your worst nightmare then we may just have the best news.  The secret?  Recipes that take 10 minutes or less and are still quite tasty! Yes, thats right.  Less than 10 minutes, they taste good, and will leave you satisfied and ready for the rest of your night.

The biggest Environmental Fight you Have never Heard of

Fibers. Yes, Fashion is a huge environmental problem and we have only even begun to understand and make strides against the effects the industry is having on the place we call home.  The Guardian posted a very eye opening article called, Inside the lonely fight against the biggest environmental problem you've never heard of by Mary Catherine O'Connor.  This article highlights the consequences of synthetic fibers, in a way we would have never thought.

The Ultimate Vegan Guide

In todays world it is so hard to determine what products you can trust based on the label and what products you have to guess what is actually made from.  We here at Modavanti have created the ultimate vegan guide that you can trust. Included you will find everything from your favorite vegan leather skirt to the very best vegan skin care products. We have worked hard to discover the in’s and outs of what products you are searching to fill your closet with in the upcoming seasons and what you would not. All of these products have been sourced from the best of the best to create the finest vegan products around and we are bringing them to you in one central location.