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Finding that IT Jacket

As the weather has started to get colder, the leaves will soon change, the air will soon get crisp; and the winter coats are making their way out of storage and on to the streets.  Everyday we walk to work we are seeing more and more buzzworthy jackets taking up space on the sidewalks. This season is all about having that ‘IT’ jacket; one that can keep you warm while also keep you looking fabulous as you travel from place to place.  

The October Run Mix - 35 Minutes of Sweat

Just because the seasons are changing, doesn't mean your workout has to.  We are midway through October with surprisingly high temperatures.  Before moving your workout indoors this Winter, stay outside a few more weeks and run as the seasons change. (Plus, it saves energy that would otherwise be spent powering a treadmill or elliptical).  One of the best parts of Autumn is taking a bike path or bridge and observing as nature changes around us. 

The Story Behind the Free Bird Palm Cuff

UNA Fashion has a very unique story behind their recycled products. They recycle the metal from unexploded ordinances or UXO, which are explosive weapons (bombs, shells, grenades, land mines, naval mines, etc.) that did not explode when they were employed, to create these impressive pieces of jewelry.  UNA Fashion is able to take something that was once meant to cause harm and now use it to create something beautiful. 

5 Sustainable Ways to show your halloween spirit all month long

Halloween is almost here, pumpkins are showing up everywhere and you're racking your brain for a killer costume.  But why limit the Halloween spirit to just one day or one costume, when you could channel this spooky, fun holiday throughout the month?  Take a look at our favorite pieces for this fun filled month of spooks and horrors.  We also paired a few Halloween myths that you might want to watch out for when the full moon rises.

Help Rescue Orphaned Elephants

Freedom of Animals is a luxury brand that uses the highest quality materials to create their products. Freedom of Animals was founded in 2012 with a mission of providing their customers with a distinct and meaningful design that would comply with ethical practices.  Freedom of animals has been proud partners with the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya.

Crazy Things We Do For Fashion

Sometimes there is just an outfit you have to wear or a trend you must participate in.  Have you ever had the thought, I don't care how crazy the outfit may look I'm wearing it? To be honest we have had this thought a time or two also.  The writers at Huffington Post were able to get their editors to tell them some of the ridiculous things they have done for fashion.  

Spotted: Karla Souza in Line Dry Apparel

You may recognize her from this season hit TV series "How To Get Away With Murder."  The TV show which comes on Thursday nights, has been all the rave this fall season.  And without giving away any secrets if you have missed any or all of the episodes, this is definitely a show you are going to want to catch up on.  

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! This adorable little dog is wearing Bóhten sunglasses. Bóhten glasses are made from 100% pure bamboo, and come with a reclaimed wood case.