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Infographic: The Difference of "American Made"

Coffee + Cookies = AMAZING

If your coffee fix is only coming from a cup, you’re missing out. Nowadays there is coffee ice cream, coffee beer, coffee braised ribs, and our personal favorite: coffee cookies!
But Cocoa Coffee Snowcaps are no ordinary cookies. Believe it or not, these babies taste even better than they look. To top it off, they are super simple to make (but no one else needs to know that!). 

Textile Technology Spotlight: CRAiLAR

If you are as passionate about sustainable fashion as were are, it can be easy to get discouraged, disheartened and downright depressed!  It seems like every day we read another story about the ways fashion is negatively impacting the planet and the people on it.  Lucky, we are not alone in this fight and scientists, designers and innovators from around the world are working tirelessly to develop  ways to transform the fashion industry from a net negative to a positive force for the planet.  In the next few weeks we will be highlighting some of these amazing technologies.  Ready for you daily dose of inspiring?  Read on...

Toffee Butter Cookies with Chocolate Chips

Ready to indulge?

Well you're in luck because this is pretty much the best thing ever. Buttery, rich toffee cookies with a light layer of chocolate. Yep, we're headed to dessert heaven.

Ready to make this happen? Let's go.

Modavanti Conscious Standards Series: The Powerful Impact of Fair Trade

Don't forget about Rana Plaza

With the whirlwind of Christmas shopping and New Year's sales, it is so easy, not to mention more comfortable to forget about where your clothes are coming from.

Why I Switched From Toxic Skincare to Natural Beauty

By Bryn Terrell

My divergence from traditional beauty products started when I was eighteen. It was provoked by a cream that claimed to smooth cellulite, which I had stumbled upon while browsing the  cosmetics aisle at CVS. I could scarcely believe fate had shone upon me so graciously. There I was, headed to the beach for Senior Week, and suddenly possessed, within this $36 plastic tub, an  insurmountable power, greater than that of even genetics. I was pretty much God.

Make Your Own Homemade Ravioli from Start to Finish with under 7 ingredients