Knotty and Nice

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Founded in 2011 by Nur-E Rahman, a Georgetown grad known for her passion for innovation and entrepreneurship,  Knotty Gal was initially inspired by an eye-opening trip to Bangladesh. At the time, Nur-E was working as a contractor for USAID, and realized the unfortunate conditions under which the Bhandari Girls’ School operated. Begun in 1962 by Nur-E’s great-grandfather, Bhandari was the the first girls’ school in the Bogra region, and serves many students from impoverished backgrounds.

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Designers going Green

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Luxury sustainable fashion is growing with speed as designers like Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood, and Ali Hewson all have been producing environmentally friendly fashion lines.  Sustainable fashion is no longer associated with shape-less dresses and clothing only made out of hemp.  Eco-friendly clothing now looks just as good as you feel while you’re wearing it.

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5 Ways To Take Back Your Weekend

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Looking for ways to take back your weekend? Feel like you get no break after the long week, and then the weekend just adds onto it? Here are 5 easy changes you can make to enjoy your weekend and be relaxed and ready to go by Monday.  If you are dedicated to making the most of your weekend you should make time for the activities women enjoy the most.  Apart from eating, and relaxing it’s socializing and exercising.

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Why Should Burning Man Be Your Next Vacation?

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We are big fans of the blog EcoCult, who last week had the adventure of a lifetime in the Nevada. As Alden of EcoCult says in her article on the festival, Burning Man is a music festival like no other. For starters, it takes places in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert where thousands of people gather to create Black Rock City for one week only.  The landscape chosen is a very visually appealing area that provides the Burning Man goers more than just performers to look at.  There are sunsets behind mountains and rainbows in the skies. What you shouldn’t be looking for are the usual stadiums and tents that take over every other music festival. Another thing you wont find at Burning Man is trash.  Here, in the Black Rock City, you do not litter.  Everyone carries around MOOP bags- Matter Out of Place bags. When you are finished with your beer or your food you put it in your MOOP bag.  At the end of the week and 65,000 people later there is no trash and the town that was created for this music festival leaves without a trace.

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6 Sustainable Loafers Perfect for Fall

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Finding the perfect shoe to transition to fall can be hard and time consuming when trying to find what you are looking for.  The weather has yet to decide if it is hot or cold; leaving you with no idea as to what to wear. You find yourself questioning whether sporting your knee high boots so soon is appropriate, but also wondering if the time for your sandals has come and gone. What shoe is it then, that you should be shopping for you ask?  The Loafer.

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Why Water Matters: A Powerful Video from Charity: Water’s New Sahel Clean Water Campaign

In the next few weeks we will be relaunching our website. As we get closer, we all have a million things on our plate – often little things that can be tedious like photo editing, product uploading etc.. It’s easy to lose site of the big picture during these periods. After a week’s worth of late nights one can ask, why does it all matter? It matters because we aren’t just a fashion company. We aren’t just supporting cool designers. We’re making a difference and changing people’s lives. This fall we’re pleased to announce that we are donating $5,500 to Charity: Water to support families like those in the video who depend on clean water for survival. 

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