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Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! Here is to a great weekend and the holiday season! 

#TBT to the Modavanti Holiday Party

Thanks to all our friends and family who came out to celebrate the holidays with us at the Modavanti holiday party.  We had a blast and are wishing everyone a wonderful start to the holiday season! 

3 Ways to Brighten Up Your Home: Artisan Style

Who couldn't use a little brightening up around the house this time of year.  Throwing holiday parties and family gathering, it is always nice to have a new look that brings the whole room together.  Now I'm not talking a whole new make over, extreme style, though wouldn't that be nice.  I am talking about three pieces you can add that not only catch the eye of any visitor, are a breath of fresh air to your kitchen, living room, etc., and they make you feel good as well as look good. I know sounds like a lot of work for such a sublet change, but these are not your ordinary room accents. 

Stacks on Stacks of Rings
 Vogue & Beyonce said it best when, if you like it then you better put a ring on it - actually put more than one ring on it, put every single one you own on it. Pile them up, interlock them, match them, mismatch them- wear them on every finger and at any point on your finger. What better way to get ready for the holiday seasons and all the festive parties than to have one of your own on your hands.

Work Shoes You'll Want To Wear

Finding shoes you can wear in the winter is a struggle in itself.  Your feet either freeze, and look fashionable; your feet are warm and look terrible; or your feet look somewhere in between the two.  It is a skill to find shoes that you can walk around in while it is Fall/Winter seasons.  Because while it is colder shoes are still a major part of any outfit.  

Finding Your Coat of Armor

For all of you men out there preparing to brave the weather, the cold is no excuse to layer up the sweat shirts and forgo the stylish coats hanging in the back of your closet.  Even though warmth is the main priority this time of year there is a way to stay warm and stylish... with your Coat of Armor. We have just the coats to keep you warm, looking good, and feeling good. 

5 Sustainable Ways to be One With Nature

With the weather turning colder and colder, the time spent outdoors is becoming increasingly less and less.  Are you finding yourself missing the great outdoors? Ever thought there was another way to incorporate nature into your daily life without actually have to venture into nature.  This season it is all about working nature into your wardrobe.  

Constantly Fair, Constantly Giving. #GivingTuesday

We love sales but this year we felt that "Black Friday" or "Cyber Monday" weren't for us because when companies go about slashing prices it undermines the value of those products, yet our designers and artisans create clothing and jewelry worth cherishing.  

We believe the holidays are more about giving. As part of our mission we give  2% of every sale to our charity partners Nest & charity: water everyday, but this #GivingTuesday we're giving YOU an extra 10% off site-wide for shopping ethically. See Code Below!