Modavanti Featured Designer Heidi Merrick: The Ultimate California Lifestyle Brand

29bb2dd9-8db3-4eb3-bdb8-bf1280101919Designed and produced in southern California, Heidi Merrick pays homage to the California lifestyle. Every piece, if not made in the downtown LA studio, is made within walking distance of it. It is a local footprint with a global appeal.

Heidi is the daughter of legendary surfboard shaper, Al Merrick. Having been raised in the surf culture, Heidi brings a fresh take on fashion through her incorporation of the color and clean lines of the ocean into every detail of design. For Heidi, nature and the ocean around her serves as inspiration for her label. The movement, depths, colors and accompanying beach lifestyle of the ocean have greatly influenced Heidi‘s style over the years.


So when launching her collection, it was only natural for Merrick to keep production in L.A. Not only is the beach right near by, but for Heidi producing in America and knowing her designers and sewers working along side her on each piece is an important piece of running her company. Heidi places great value on a hand’s on approach and creating clothing that has been ethically made by employees who share her passion for beautifully designed handcrafted fashion that supports her community she so cherishes.

Others have taken note of her beautiful collections and commitment to local production. The collection has been featured in publications like Elle, WWD, Turkish Vogue, Lucky, Foam, InStyle, Domino and C Magazine. Demi Moore, Jessica Alba, Kelly Rutherford, Abigail Spencer, Jaime King, Ricki-Lee, Shiva Rose, Mindy Kaling and her best friend, Jenny Murray, all proudly wear Heidi Merrick.

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Travel with Heidi Merrick to Morocco for Inspiration for her latest Collection

Here at Modavanti we are big fans of Heidi Merrick. The L.A. based designers is the namesake behind one of our favorite brands. We love her SS14′ and wanted to give you a sneak peak into where Heidi gets her inspiration. Last fall it was from the sea. This spring/summer she ventured to Marrakesh. Travel with Heidi to Morocco and Shop her collection here.



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This Video is What Sun Damage Does to Your Skin (Warning: It’ll make you Wear Sunscreen)

Fortunately Modavanti has some great all natural organic sunscreens to protect you from harmful UV rays. Here are our top 5 picks:


1. Alive Reef Safe Sunscreen SPF 30: Sea Kind

Luxurious premium products featuring Marine Actives™ ingredients providing superior skin conditioning at affordable prices.

Shop it here:


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Eco-Friendly Cosmetics for Your Most Beautiful Skin


It is no secret that what we apply to our faces is absorbed into our bodies. So why use products that are brimming with unnecessary chemicals that will do more harm than good to you and the environment? Bring your beauty routine back to the basics with eco-friendly and natural products from MyChelle, Valia Skin Care, Lotus Moon, 100% Pure Cosmetics, and Max Green Alchemy.

Dry Skin:

1. Hydrating Cactus Mask – Eco-friendly and Vegan

Dry Skin1

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Bees and Silkworm Create “Wooden Leather”

In yet another triumph for biologically inspired products–think larva-built jewelry, and beetle bioplastic–UK based artists Marlène Huissoud has managed to create a line of accessories and furnishings made from the natural by-products of bees.

The first component of Huissoid’s From Insects series is constructed from a by-product that the artist has named “wooden leather.” Using moistened and heated silkworm cocoons

. A tree resin used by honeybees to seal their hives, propolis is removed from beehives by keepers to prevent buildup. Though–coming from a bee-keeping family–she has extensive experience with propolis, Huissoud partnered with a team of glassblowers to experiment and create these unique products that have a similar function and feel to that of glass.


Heading to the Beach? Stay Safe in the Sun with these 4 Tips for Summer

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As we become more aware about the risks that are involved with excessive sunlight, it is important to know how to prevent damage while still being able to enjoy the outdoors. Since hiding in the shade is not always the most desirable option, we’ve compiled the best tips and products that Modavanti offers for the conservation of you skin and your style.

1. Lightweight white tees are not your friends in the sun, especially if they get wet. Dark colors with tightly woven fabrics provide the best protection against the sun because they absorb harmful UV rays. Opt for an opaque, bright tee with your favorite pair of shorts and a light cardigan instead of a sheer slipover if you plan to be outside when the Sun is at its peak strength (10am-2pm). Also be sure to pack an extra cover-up if you might get the first wet as dampened fabric is more likely to allow rays to pass through onto your skin.

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2. Use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 to keep your skin healthy and prevent premature signs of aging. Too much sun exposure to skin of any complexion can lead to wrinkles and serious health risks. There is nothing stylish about neglecting the skin your in, take care of it with sunscreens like Alive Reef Safe Sunscreen by SeaKind, an organic, non-toxic and GMO-free alternative to many other sunscreens which are filled with harsh chemicals that can be absorbed into your bloodstream.

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Meet Raven+Lily: Artisan designs inspired by the culture in which they are made

In a world of H&M and Zara, it sometimes is hard to imagine fashion as a means for positive social change. Raven+Lily is committed to creating fashion the right way because empowering artisans is just as important to them as producing their beautiful collections. We at Modavanti are proud to carry Raven+Lily and had the chance to speak with them about building a truly good fashion brand. Read their story below:

1.) What is the story behind Raven+Lily?

1) Raven + Lily is a socially conscious lifestyle brand dedicated to empowering women though design. We partner with women in India, Ethiopia, Cambodia, and the US to make our collections of apparel, jewelry, and accessories. Our brand is passionate about providing our customers with stylish products that are both fair trade and eco-friendly.

2). Can you tell me a little about the designer behind the label?

The design effort that goes into Raven + Lily is a combined effort. Our lead designer, Courtney Rafter, joined us last summer after working at Free People for five years and has been an amazing addition. The overall brand vision is driven by the co-founders Kirsten Dickerson and Sophia Lin, with their shared love for midcentury design, Asian minimalism and all things Morocco. Raven + Lily products are inspired by the art and design of the culture in which they are made. Basically, we find inspiration in the artisans themselves. We like our pieces to be inspired by local designs, with a modern twist that appeals to the US consumer.

3). Who is your customer?

Our customer is the stylish, modern woman who cares about where her products come from. We always want to be a brand whose products can stand alone without people even knowing the stories behind them. We want our customers to buy our designs because they love wearing them and feel good in them, and we want our customers to talk about our brand because of the amazing women behind each product!

4). When and how did Raven+Lily get started?

Kirsten Dickerson started Raven + Lily with her good friend, Sophia Lin, in Los Angeles. The idea for the company grew out of a love for fashion and design, combined with their desire to empower women to rise above poverty. Kirsten had spent a lot of time traveling the world with her husband, who creates documentaries about social issues and had experienced first-hand some of the issues that are prevalent in developing world countries. She saw an opportunity to combine her experiences and talents with Sophia’s to create a company that would invest in the women in these places to significantly impact their futures. Raven + Lily launched as a socially conscious brand in June 2011.

5). What inspired you to start a fashion brand with a commitment to sustainability? Why is it important to you?

We use local, recycled and handmade materials as much as possible that are eco-friendly and support local artisans. Our Ethiopia jewelry collection is sourced through our relationship with villagers that hand-form beads made from melted bullet casings from previous wars. In India, all wood and leather are sourced locally and our paper collections are made from repurposed cotton remnants. Our Cambodia partnership utilizes hand-loomed fabrics made by local artisans, as well as remnant, repurposed cotton jersey. Most of our products tell the story of taking what was once meant for harm or something no longer considered useful and repurposing that material into something of great beauty.


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