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Style is about passion, it's intensely personal and at its core should be sustainable. Find your style.
Style is about passion, it's intensely personal and at its core should be sustainable. Find your style.

Stop Wearing Toxins, Wear Better Fashion

We love this image from Green Peace. It perfectly exemplifies what's wrong with how are clothes are made and why organic fashion is so important. 

Drought Resistant? The Future of the California Denim Industry

There are several troubling new realities emerging from the California draught crisis: We could soon be living in a world where Cinco de Mayo is celebrated without guacamole, where we have to substitute a generic Chilean White for our favorite Napa Valley Chardonnay and where a pack of trail mix will cost $18. Even celebrities will soon be forced to grapple with the horror of choosing between their their 'passion for saving the environment' and their pristine manicured lawns. 

Nature Needs Heroes: Timberland A Global Leader in Sustainability and Shoes

You probably know Timberlands for their commercials (they were the first boot brand to advertise on TV) or for their constant appearances in rap videos. One fact that's less known about the Timberland empire is that the shoe brand is one of the most sustainable companies in the world.

The Sustainable Fashion Revolution Is Here

    photo credit: Bluer Denim

A revolution is coming. No, not somewhere in the Middle East. This is a different kind of revolution. A revolution inspired by our generation of millenials to bring about positive and lasting change through what we wear.

Earth Month: 7 Reasons Why Organic Cotton is Better for You and the Earth

It's great to see so many millions of Americans reject the nasty pesticides and chemicals in our foods. But what about our clothes?

This Video is What Sun Damage Does to Your Skin (Warning: It'll make you Wear Sunscreen)

Fortunately Modavanti has some great all natural organic sunscreens to protect you from harmful UV rays. Here are our top 5 picks:

This Earth Month: How to Make a Difference Through What You Wear