RiverBlue and the Truth About Your Jeans

Do you know who made your denim?

Though jeans have become a worldwide fashion staple, the various washes and styles that we have all grown far too accustomed to have a serious impact on the developing world, where chemicals and dyes used to treat jeans and other textiles have exposed crucial water resources and expose workers to harmful toxins like cadmium, mercury and lead. This reality becomes even more harrowing when one considers the fact that close to one billion people don’t have access to clean water.

Chronicling this growing environmental crisis is the new documentary RiverBlue, which focuses on the denim industry’s impact in countries such as India and China. The film was produced by Canadian river activist and canoeist/kayaker Mark Angelo, director David McIlvride (National Geographic, History Channel, Discovery Channel) and producer Roger Willaims (Discovery Channel), the latter two of whom have won Gemini Awards. While the rough cut of the film has been produced, the movie is now crowd-funding to complete the post-production phase. To read more about RiverBlue and the destructive denim industry, click here.

Summer Fashion Week Inspiration? Modavanti is Adding Men’s Clothing!

Guys, GET EXCITED! This fall, Modavanti is adding Men’s clothing. That’s right, you’re finally invited to the sustainable party too. And it’s about time. After more than a year of going to events and panels, I will now be able to represent what we are actually selling on the site. Phew…

To get a little inspiration ahead of the collection launch, we turned our attention to the Men’s fashion week in Milan.  Guys, you ready for man skirts? Don’t worry we are going to tone it down a bit. Check out the collections from some of the top Italian design houses and send us your thoughts. If you are a sustainable men’s brand or have any recommendations as to a few you really love, send them our way as we are still rounding out our initial roster for the launch.

Stay tuned your sustainable styles are just around the corner.

Ermenegildo Zegna, Spring 2015


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Wait What?? This Loom Bands Upcycled Dress Costs $290,000


Come again?? That is not a misprint. This crazy cool upcycled dress (featured above) actually did sell for £170,000 (or $290,000). The dress was made from over 24,000 upcycled loom bands, a popular and colorful rubber brand that has become a cult hit after being worn by the likes of David Beckham, Miley Cyrus, Prince William and Kate Dutchess of Cambridge.

After laboring for over 40 hours to make the dress, Helen Smith from Wales, put the dress on Ebay hoping to make a £50 profit. Needless to say she’s made a little bit more. After 100 bids over several days, the winning bidder became its new owner for a whopping$290k.

Read more about the creators of the dress and the story behind it here.



Modavanti Supports John Oliver and Net Neutrality

John Oliver explains it best as to why we need Net Neutrality. Companies like Modavanti, and thousands of others working to innovate, disrupt and inspire would be negatively affected and maybe cease to exist. Please visit: DearFCC.org and lend your voice to preserving Net Neutrality.

Watermelon Gazpacho: Vegetarian Chilled Soup for a Hot Summer Day

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 3.50.44 PM

Nothing is better on a hot muggy day than a chilled gazpacho soup. The soup has ancient roots originating from Andalusia. Today this popular Spanish soup can be found throughout Iberia as it is a healthy, simple and refreshing meal. Perfect for foodies, vegetarians and vegans alike, find one of our favorite recipes here thanks to the Blog Organically Thin.


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