Lookbook | Soho In Stripes: A Sustainable Look With ModavantiGIRL Greta Eagan


Introducing ModavantiGIRL Greta Eagan in Soho Stripes.

Heads were turning as the stunning Great Eagan strutted down the streets of SoHo in this horizontal striped black & white top and a sexy slitted maxi skirt flowing in the breeze. Tying the look together with must have eco-accessories; a bright red made in USA cross-body satchel, stacked fairly-traded silver bangles and a handmade silver cocktail ring.

Hydrated by the eco-friendly Boxed Water is Better and styled with all eco-friendly and cruelty-free makeup and hair – this is a truly sustainable look from head to toe.

Brands from this look include Frock LA, Angela & Roi and Indego Africa.

Greta_stripes_indietwenty_necklace Greta_stripes_indietwenty_ring Greta_stripes_angela Greta_stripes_bhava Greta_stripes_indietwenty_bangle Greta_stripes_cdc Greta_stripes_westwards

Shop the fully sustainable look on Modavanti.com

Model: Greta Eagan | Styling: Sarah Craft + Greta Eagan | Photography: Jesse Ayala  | Hair + Makeup: Mauricio Cifuentes | Editing + Design : Colin Eadie | Social Media : Bryn Terrell

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